Building the Casino Professor

Casino Professor

In 2017 we took a leap of faith with my former colleague and current business partner Antti Alatalo and decided to start our own company, CashCow Ltd. We also have a third business partner, Kirmo Kolehmainen, who has extensive experience in the iGaming industry. I take care of the tech, Antti SEO and Kirmo accounts. Of course, since we’re a small team, everybody has to take responsibility in pretty much everything.

Our main product is Casino Professor, an affiliate site for online casinos. When players go to an online casino through us, we get our share of the action.

Improve on the go

When it comes to SEO, the online casino industry is most likely the most competitive field there is. Both operators and affiliates are battling for attention. Since in affiliate marketing your product is essentially outbound link, there aren’t that many variables that could go wrong compared to operator sites for example. The sooner we’re out, the better it is for us. The normal waterfall model where work sits first on a designers table isn’t meant for affiliate marketing. The wireframes are already largely decided by the industry giants, we can fine-tune the colours later. Let’s just get the product out there asap.

Everybody works efficiently

The sooner we get the product out there, the sooner we all can go to work. Content can be published, affiliate links can be added etc. Everybody can start participating in the product, not just the designer. New code can be also constantly deployed to improve the product. After all, it isn’t finished yet.

Since everybody works in collaboration, it allows more creative ideas to be born. Don’t like how you update that information, no worries will release a new version later today where it is changed. Do you manually add those onsite SEO optimizations? How about we automatize them.

Development workflow

Because of this rapid development also the development environment needs to allow new code to be easily pushed into production. At this point, there has been over hundreds of deploys already, possibly even over a thousand. I have a local development environment, which is an exact replica of the live environment. There is also a staging environment for larger updates if we want to collectively view new features before putting them live. However, the staging environment has so far worked mainly as a training platform internally.

Developer driven design

Instead of having the layout start from the designer, it starts with the development. The idea behind this is the same as it is in everything else as well, speed. As an experienced Front end developer, I’m quite familiar with how the screen behaves. This knowledge allows us to effectively use the same images on all devices so that it looks good everywhere. All sizes are predefined for the designer along with the information on how the image will be cropped on different screen resolutions.


The best way to prove the method behind the madness is numbers. We have grown from zero to over 10 000 sessions per month. We’re sending over a thousand depositing players per month. And we did all this in less than six months.

As a side note, we also got nominated for the Best Affiliate Newcomer 2017 at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2018 – View the nominations.