Should I start using AMP?

So Google in co-operation with other companies decided that the mobile web is broken and so the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project was born. But should you start implementing it?

#What is AMP?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project backed by Google to deliver static content faster to the user. It consists of three parts.


AMP uses its own HTML, AMP HTML, which is HTML with some restrictions. Most of the tags are just good old HTML tags but there are few AMP-specific tags in the mix as well.

#JavaSript Library

Yes, yet another JavaScript library. AMP JS library takes care of rendering your page in an optimized way. It aims to load the most important part of the page first, content. The thing that the user actually want to see first.

#CDN - Content delivery

After you have created your AMP page Google caches a static copy of your site and serves it throught their content delivery network (CDN). This one reason as well why AMP pages load fast.

#How to implement AMP to website?

You might have figured out by now that you basicly need to create a new version of your site to the mobile users.


Wordpress covers about a quarter of the websites so we could briefly look how you can implement AMP to Wordpress.

Easiest approach with Worpdress is to create a new version for mobile users. This can be done just by installing the AMP plugin that is available for free. To be able to customize your AMP version easily I recommend also installing the AMP for WP plugin which is also free.

Though with Worpdress AMP is pretty easy to setup you should still consider if it really is worth it. Users that come to your site on a mobile device don't really have the option to choose whether to use the normal site or the AMP version that lacks features that they actually might appreciate. Very often the argument that I hear when adding new features Wordpress is, that it is so easy. Even if it is easy to do, as it is, you still need to use more time than before with your site. Perhaps you just could use this time to improve to whole site.

#SEO benefits?

At the moment Google says that using AMP is not yet a ranking factor though if you achieve ranking with your AMP page your posts will be displayed in a fancy carousel.

There are some drawbacks as well. Google does not like duplicate content so remember to place those canonical tags if you decide to go with the approach of creating a different page for mobile users.

Written by Mika Kujapelto

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