Mika Kujapelto


Developer, Designer and SEO Specialist from Finland. Incessantly curious and an unusual problem solver, I am extremely passionate about my job and always look for new ways to improve my skills.

Currently I live and work in sunny Malta, where I co-founded a company called Cashcow Ltd, a digital agency. Prior Cashcow, I worked as a Senior Front End Web Developer at Catena Media (SEO). Before moving to sunny Malta, I worked and lived in Helsinki.

I'm familiar with:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Node, React, Angular)
  • PHP
  • Wordpress theme & plugin development

And on an neverending quest to learn more ...

#Cashcow projects

There are several ongoing projects at Cashcow, but our main project at the moment is a website called Casino Professor, an online casino comparison site. Currently we only have one developer in our team (me), but possibly looking to hire more. If you are interested, drop me a line at mika@cashcow.media

#Personal projects

Currently my main focus is Casino Professor, but I'm keeping myself busy with other stuff as well and have plenty of other ongoing projects.

  • Ulkomailla - Finnish travelling website
  • WPTipster - website dedicated to Wordpress and everything related to it.
  • Laina-apu - Finnish loan site

Plus plenty of others ...


If you're interested in having a chat, message me through LinkedIn or mika@cashcow.media

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